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Now it is very easy to manage your school/institute and training centre with our school management software. Our software is very fast, quite easy and user friendly. Our software manages the record of all the students and staff very securely. With the help of this school management software you can collect fee of students and manage the complete fee record of each student month wise and yearly. This software can manage the attendance of all the students. You can view attendance of students individually with the students’ attendance percentage, total no of day’s student attended class and total no of day’s school open. It also shows the attendance month wise, week wise and day wise.
We have online and offline School Management ERP for complete school management. For online management we have web application with which we can manage complete school information, student records, staff records, their attendance, student fees, staff salary, library record, transportation and many more. All this data is stored in a secured database and can be managed easily. The best part of online web application is that you can attach and configure it with your school website and can give access to parents to view their student’s result, attendance, pending fees and notices. One can access web application in any device like mobile, tablets, computer and laptops from anywhere with the help of internet.


  • Student Management Open or Close
    • Complete student information record

    • Secure database for online and offline data record

    • Individual student record view and edit option

    • Unlimited space for student record. No limit

    • Import and export facility of student record to Excel

    • Display onetime fee and per-annum fee on the registration form of student

    • Display available and total seats of that particular class on the registration form of student

    • Zero percent chance of manual error

    • Fast and secure

    • Easy to use. Anyone with knowledge of computer can maintain student record very easily

  • Staff Management Open or Close
    • Complete staff information record

    • Secure database for online and offline data record

    • Name/Class/Mobile number wise search of staff

    • Teacher/Administration wise authentication to Admin functions

    • Individual staff record view and edit options

    • Unlimited entries of staff. No maximum limit

    • Secure import and export option to Excel

    • Display salary of staff on the registration form of the staff

  • Attendance ManagementOpen or Close
    • Advance attendance management module

    • Fast and easy to use

    • With online attendance module, authenticate person can mark attendance from anywhere

    • Admin can mark attendance class wise and section wise

    • Calculate total no of days of class, no of days student is present and the attendance percentage

    • Shows the attendance class wise, section wise, student name wise, date and month wise

    • Option to mark Student as on leave if Student is on leave with admin approval

    • Can edit the attendance at any time with Admin permission

    • No chances of calculation error

    • Fast and accurate

    • Easy access to attendance of each and every student

    • Even parents do have access to their ward's attendance

    • Easy management of staff's attendance

    • Staff has easy access to their attendance from anywhere but cannot edit it without admin permission

    • Shows the attendance Staff name wise, date and month wise

    • Option to mark staff as on leave if staff is on leave with admin approval

  • Fee ManagementOpen or Close
    • Our Software provides you advance fee management system

    • It keeps a track of your yearly profit, cash, margin and Cr/Dr

    • Shows you total yearly fee of a student including all one time and monthly fee

    • Shows you the balance according to yearly fee

    • Have access to balance, total fee paid on a single page(Saves time)

    • Have access to check the complete details of the fee submission month wise

    • Can generate receipt at just one click at the time of submission of fee

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