Extra Features To
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Extra Features


In SMS service one can directly send SMS to its clients, customers, filed staff and its agents. You can send bulk SMS of different types like promotional SMS or Informational SMS. For example if you are integrating this service in school management software than the management can send SMS to parents about informing holidays, extra classes students reports etc..
You can integrate it with different software like Billing, School and Retail (POS) for different functions.


In Email service one can send email through SMTP like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and directly through configured outlook in your machine. With this service you can send soft copy of invoice and reports to your customers and clients. With just one click you can send purchase report, party’s ledger to field staff or any authorized person. You can also send system generated reports to customers.

Touch screen

We all are familiar with touch machines and its benefits. First it does not need any keyboard or mouse to operate and second, it saves lot of time. Everything seems just a touch away. It is gaining popularity among restaurants, gift shops etc. Billing is quite easy with such touch screen machines. You can just touch on the image of the product, enter the quantity and create a bill.


Barcode machine is gaining popularity among many sectors. The benefit of barcode machine is that it saves lot of time. One can sell and purchase any product by scanning the barcode. You don’t need to enter any code, description, or any detail to pull the product. We also have a module to generate your own barcode for your products.

Customized software and reports

Viva group is very loyal to its clients and work to boost your business in every aspect. We also provide our clients the customized solution. Like if any of our customers have different requirements, we customize our software as per our clients’ requirements. We can also customize various reports.

Data Synchronize

In data synchronize you can monitor your data online and can access from anywhere and from any device. It is not necessary to have the same machine with you. You can also import and export data in excel sheet.

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