VIVA Clinic Management

VIVA Clinic Management Software

Viva ERP is one of the rising companies in IT field. Our company develops windows desktop software for almost all working sectors. One of the sectors is Pharmacy Clinic for which we have developed software for the better management and record. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Viva clinic management software is a complete software that manages the whole body weather it is a small clinic or a big hospital. Our software is complete with all the functionalities. It keeps the record of all the staff members, doctors and patients. It maintains the record of every patient with all the information related to all the checkups doctors suggested, diagnostics, no of doctors visited that particular patient in bed, medicines used on that patient. It helps keeping the track of money used in the treatment and also the salary of the doctors.

Moreover the software is very easy to use and fast. Anyone with just a little knowledge of computer can work on this software.

We ensure you for the best quality and service.


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